You Can Make Atleast 300k (500$) Monthly Making Short Videos For Both Local And International Clients With Your Smartphone, From The Comfort Of Your Home From Any Part Of The World.

For The First Time In The Past Two Years, Chisom Belinda Is About To Spill The Screte To How She Has Become A Screen Godess For Most Businesses From All Part Of The World Using Her SmartPhone 



Just close your eyes and image a situation were you can stay at the comfort of your home and make quality 


Do you know that with the recent increase of socail media usage in Africa and the world at large, the demand for video contents for various business became very much high in demand.

Alot of online business need marketing contents to sell their products and services but, do you have the skill set to get them done so they high talents and pay them to get the job done.

Internet user penetration in Nigeria saw a slight increase between the years 2017 and 2022, going from around 26 percent to over 38 percent. As of 2022, the estimated number of internet users in the country was more than 108 million.

According To Bellow Is A Chart Flow Showing The Growing Number of internet penetration in Nigeria from 2018 to 2027.

I just want to let you know that, it will keep increasing and the more it goes up the higher the demand for videos, contents, skilled social media advertisers and so on.

As of January 2022, Ghana registered approximately 17 million internet users, generally growing from the 15.7 million reported in the year before.

Similarly, there were 23.35 million internet users in Kenya in January 2022. Kenya's internet penetration rate stood at 42.0 percent of the total population at the start of 2022. Kepios analysis indicates that internet users in Kenya increased by 1.6 million (+7.4 percent) between 2021 and 2022.

As of January 2022, there were 41.19 million active internet users in South Africa. According to the same report, it was also found that 28 million internet users in the country used social media, which was around 46 percent of the total population.

Using these popular countries in Africa to ilustrate the growth of the internet.

As of April 2022, there were five billion internet users worldwide, which is 63 percent of the global population. Of this total, 4.65 billion were social media users.
Global digital population as of April 2022

Who Am I And Why Should You Listen To Me ?

My name is Chisom Belinda.

I am a Nigerian based in Nigeria,
I graduated from the University of Calabar, did my NYSC in Bayelsa state.
I even went further to get some international certificates as NEBOSH IGC and UKPMP
As usual, no job befitting jobs and I got tired of doing jobs that could barely take care of my expenses, let alone give me an opportunity to save for major projects.
So I took it upon myself to find more.

What Led Me To Discovering This Field Of Profession.....

I had this friend I always complained to about my jobs dissatisfactions.
One day, he spoke to me about a freelance site I could work on.
I looked through and could not find anything I could do.
I told him and he laughed and said “VIDEOS”
And he said “All those things you do on that your phone, make it professional”
And then that started the journey.
When I noticed it paid me more than my 9-5 job and I could do this from my comfort, I quit my job

Bellow Are Few Pictures Of The Products I Have Shot Videos For Both For Nigeria Clients And Those Oversea..




My passion for taking my time to create this training for the general public to benefit from is born out of the passion to cut down uneployment in Africa.

This is a huge business module with loads of potentials and must people don't know about this because they see it from an ordinary side of it. I will be teaching you how to bank more than $500 monthly with this business and become a screen-slayer.

Most times if i go to the shopping mall people always recognises me because my videos are always shown on their phone screen on daily bases.

I know you reading this might even know me right ? LoL

I wil teach you how to get both local and internatioanl clients. 

How to get returning clients

How to get referrals (The best part of growing the business)


You see, one of the things that had made me very sucessful and highly connected with loads of small scale and big companies is because i was able to master the art of write killer scripts to deliver the right massage for any product or service.

I will be teaching you how i do this effortlessly.



Am not one of those who teach theory, i will practically hold your hand and teach you the new standard of things you should do ...

Before you shoot
While shooting
Shoot and edit natural background videos ( selling digital services and more)
Shoot and edit Medical spokesperson video (for medical equipment & health products sales)
Shoot and edit News style video
Shoot and edit Chef spokesperson video (used for advertising kitchen wares, etc)
Shoot and edit fitness spokesperson video (to advertise fitness gears)



1. How to create compelling voice over creatives;
2. Voice Over scripts that sell
3. Create Sound Audio and engaging voice over
4. Curate / create graphical contents that suit product/ service


One f the benefit of having a mentor is to help you save time and resources, when i started out i did alot of blunders especially on how i price my service and  would not want you to repeat that so you can become profitable from your first job.


BONUS: A template to create your work procedure for easy communication with clients

Beginners Facebook ads tutorial

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